Our Mission

“Make irresistible art one piece at a time.”

So what does that mean? It’s simple.

You may recall over the course of your life, those “special pieces”  you immediately had to have. Items of such exquisite beauty or uniqueness that they felt as if they were made just for you. Things that you may have intuitively known as an extension of how you uniquely express yourself in the world.

Alternatively, you may have seen such items and instantly thought of someone else and how special a thing it would be to them. Especially, the joy of being the one to give it.

Whether it was a piece of jewelry or a unique item of decor, the practicality high or non existent, none of that mattered because there was something absolutely, positively irresistible about it. Making this art for you and yours is our guiding principle.

How We Do It

  • We focus on creating unique “one-of-a-kind” items.


  • All of our items are handmade.


  • Our work is a labor of love and every piece matters.